Our team

Since it's creation, Wineo progressively witnessed its family growing, fueled by encounters and affinities. To this day, the team is composed of a dozen of carefully selected members, all professionals that proved their expertise. They are today essential elements to Wineo's success.

Yannick Chauldrillier

Yannick Chaudrillier

Wineo's members are fine connoisseurs, able to advise professionals in their choices, in order to best please their customers' expectations: Seasonality, Supply chain, Market environment etc… not only do we have for our clients a portfolio of wines from France and the rest of the world, but we are in constant contact with the field, ready to push and pull sells.

Paola Campos Emmeline d'Antona

Paola Campos
Senior Account Manager

Human Ressources Director

Emmeline D'Antona
Senior Account Manager Marketing  Director

Our team intervenes therefore as export department with some, and as external development for others, but always respecting both tradition and clients' personal choices. Every request is treated independently with the greatest interest, so that every professional contacting us gets the products they need for the best price.

Sebastien Meyer

Xuebing Liu
Vice General Manager

Our enthusiasm and the values we share with the partners we picked and the motivation we have to let our clients discover the products of our vineyards are inexorable strengths that made Wineo the reliable and dynamic structure it is today.

Paola Campos Emmeline d'Antona Paola Campos

Marie Pittet
Key Account Manager

Charles Chenshuai
Key Account Manager

Benjamin Pognant
Key Account Manager

Sebastien Meyer

Maxime Pellier
Junior account Executive